Acceptance Of Termination Of Agreement

We inform you that we will no longer need the services of [company name] from [date]. With this communication, we respect the minimum notification period provided for in our agreement. Your company has offered us a good service in the past, but we have decided to terminate our contract for [reasons]. This letter is intended to inform you that I accept the resignation at this time. I accept my guilt for not being able to do my best for your business. I never wanted to lose such a job. But I have some personal problems because I didn`t finish my projects on time and I even became very irregular in my work. I will clean up all my payments from your company on the due date, namely XYZ. We have received your letter regarding the termination of the contract that our company has concluded with your tradition of stationery. We very much regret losing a good customer like you. We will write you in an unpaid invoice that will be taken for the delivery of the type stationery that was sent to your company last month. In accordance with the contractual conditions, we must also be paid for the standard delivery sent by our company.

This type of letter is written to respond to a dismissal letter received from a company about a job, contact or other matter. The letter is sent to inform the company in advance of the end of the agreement. As far as possible, certain essential facts about the person or agency should be accompanied by a letter for a future contract or partnership. This draft letter is intended to assist in the establishment of a termination of a contract of enterprise with another company. It contains key elements to avoid misunderstandings and end a partnership on consensual terms. We have received correspondence that you have authorized on behalf of Trading Solutions, which mentions the termination of the agreement between our companies ten months earlier. We don`t want to lose a buyer like you. It has been a good and smooth relationship between our two companies and has been an honor for your company….