Baby Nurse Agreement

Clarity in these areas means that both sides are likely to have a positive experience. This is explained by the fact that the role of an agency is to make an introduction. The contract is concluded between the two parties. Nurse and parents. This is why it is called a “personal contract”. This means that the nurse is an independent contractor and can design/accept any type of contract she wants. Your new baby is your most important thinking and spending time with him or her will be your priority. The last thing you need is stress, confusion or debate, while building that important connection. From our point of view, it is essential to have a contract with a maternity nurse. Word of mouth usually ends up very uncomfortable for all parties involved. The memory is fallible and even if the conclusion of an agreement is totally consensual, there will often be things that both parties have misunderstood, misen recalled or simply forgotten.

WELL, THAT IS WHY, taking into account the reciprocal agreements and arrangements included therein and for other counterparties of quality and value whose maintenance and sufficiency are recognized, the parties agree as follows: for example. Some families like a nurse to sleep in the baby`s room, others prefer her to sleep separately. While more and more families prefer that a nurse give birth between every day, but does not sleep overnight in the house. None of this is “right,” but being clear about what is expected means that everyone understands what is expected. (12) GLOBAL AGREEMENT: this Agreement defines the entire agreement and understanding between the Parties with respect to the subject matter included therein and supersedes all prior discussions and agreements between the Parties. 2) NANNY RECOMMENDATION: BBN identifies, returns and gives the client personal access to up to 5 available nanny candidates. The client must then decide, at the client`s sole discretion, which nanny he can charge. The customer is then solely responsible for the nanny relationship and any contract or agreement between the customer and nanny in the future, and BBN is not a party to such agreement or contract. BBN does not guarantee that a candidate will accept a job or that they are available for a job when offered by the client. 9) EXEMPTION: The Customer becomes BBN and its members, managers, directors, senior officers, employees, recruitment agents, representatives and assignees (the “bbN Indemnified Parties”) of all claims, losses, claims, damages awarded by a competent court, debts, obligations, actions, costs, expenses, including reasonable legal costs and attorneys` fees, (together the “Claims”) without damages, to the extent that such claims are due to or related to a breach of any provision of this Agreement or an Agreement, warranty or warranty of the Customer; and/or b) any act or omission or wilful misconduct of the customer, unless such claims result from BBN`s negligence or intentional misconduct.

BBN does not guarantee the skills or character of a nanny. In the event that BBN is named as a defendant in a dispute involving the nanny, the client or any other person based exclusively on the negligence, fault, non-cancellation or wilful fault of the client or on the payment of BBN`s prices or fees by the client, the client undertakes to keep BBN harmless and to pay all of BBN`s attorneys` fees and expenses. . . .