Dog Boarding Agreement Contract

Please complete all sections of this form for your pet file before boarding. 10. Cancellation – Holidays: Dog Tired Pet Services, LLC requests a cancellation notice at 6:30 p.m. before pick-up day. Less than the requested notification may result in billing the customer 50% of the fees for reserved services. pension cancellations before major public holidays; That is: Christmas, Christmas, New Year and New Year, Easter Sunday, July 4, work day and thanksgiving day with less than seven days of announcement will have the effect of paying 50% of the total bills for day care and scheduled boarding. We ask you to understand that holiday travel is a state-of-the-art service for animal care. A pet maintenance contract is a seat service contract for pets between two parties – the pet owner and the Pet Sitter. If a pet owner needs someone to look after their dog or cat, this agreement clearly indicates your pet`s normal routines and what is expected of the pet`s knight.

If your pet is older or has unique needs, this Pet Sitters form can help you provide the right medications or special care. Disagreements can arise when the Pet Sitter or Pet Owner uses only informal or verbal promises and something unexpected happens to the pet. 16. Temperament/Assessment Test: I understand that my dog cannot interact with other dogs during his stay if my dog does not take part in the temperament/assessment test prior to boarding. PandaTip: Once all the fields and conditions of the Pet Boarding contract have been adapted, it is easy to send the contract to your specific customers. Simply fill in the customer`s information in the template and click Send. 1. I understand that I am solely responsible for the damage caused by my dog/cat, while my dogs/cats participate in Dog Tired Pet Services, LLC, daycare, boarding or caring. I confirm that I have read and understood the above rules and regulations and have read and understood all of this agreement. I agree to respect the rules and regulations and accept all the conditions and explanations of this agreement. All provisions of this contract are binding on both parties for this visit/service and for all subsequent visits/services. 15.

Pet Food: The owner is committed to providing food for all services. If the owner does not provide meals for boarding or requests lunch at the daycare, a fee of $3 per meal is charged for dogs under 30 lbs and $5 per meal for dogs over 30 lbs.