Military Agreement

I strongly believe in for Action strategies, but we have to be realistic about the existing power and uncertainty in order for these strategies to work. The United States and South Korea have long made the North Korean regime politically, economically and militarily uncertain. South Korea used $43 billion for its military in 2018, which is estimated to be higher than North Korea`s total GDP. Only by realizing this acute imbalance of power can we really begin to negotiate in a way that makes sensible concessions. The controversy over a North Korean fishing vessel that entered a South Korean port in 2019 was certainly embarrassing for ROK military officials. However, the debates on military readiness are linked to South Korean domestic policy. A similar controversy erupted in 2012, when a North Korean soldier left the South Korean military unsuscized by the demilitarized zone. As a result, it is difficult to establish a link between recent incidents and reduced availability. The traditional cycle of U.S. KLA military exercises included tens of thousands of troops and visits to strategic assets such as nuclear bombers on the peninsula.

I must stress once again the need for symmetry in the context of this subject. Why are some short-range ballistic missiles fired in the Baltic Sea considered an illegal and aggressive provocation, but exercises such as the key-shaped and 2016 eagle, involving 17,000 U.S. troops and 300,000 rockets, are considered nonprovotic? The combined exercise between the United States and the ROC even included simulations of beheading attacks against North Korean leaders. The United States and South Korea would describe the exercises as defensive, but North Korea would also characterize its provocations as defensive. While the implementation of political decisions has a military impact, the main players involved are: the military committee, made up of the defence chiefs of NATO member countries; The International Military Staff, the executive arm of the Military Committee; and the military command structure, consisting of Allied command operations and Allied Command transformation. Shortly after the signing of the agreement, the South Korean military gave press briefings to clarify three points. First, South Korea will work closely with the international community to ensure compliance with U.N. economic sanctions against North Korea.